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Articles of Association :: Article II

The purposes for which the Cooperative is organized are to engage in rural electrification, and

  1. To generate, manufacture, purchase, acquire and accumulate electric energy and to transmit, distribute, furnish, sell and dispose of such electric energy to its members;
  2. To engage in any activity within the purposes for which cooperatives may be organized under Chapter 10-13 and Chapter 10-15 of the North Dakota Century Code, as determined by the board of directors to be necessary to provide adequate services to its members and to the community, including the formation of one or more subsidiary business organizations to provide such services as may be permitted by law for the benefit of the Cooperative, its members or non-members, to the extent that such activities are not in violation of any federal or state law applicable to rural electric cooperatives or to contractual agreements heretofore or hereafter made with the United States of America acting through the Rural Utilities Service.

The enumeration of the foregoing powers shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the general powers of this Cooperative, and this Cooperative is authorized to exercise and enjoy all of the powers, rights and privileges granted to or conferred upon associations of the character of this Cooperative by the laws of the State of North Dakota now or hereafter in force.