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Coming in contact with a line

If a power line falls on your vehicle/machinery or if your vehicle/machinery comes in contact with a power line. STAY INSIDE and call KEM or 911!!

The only time you should ever consider exiting is if the vehicle/tractor/truck/combine, ect. is if it is on fire.

If you need to exit:

  1. Open the door
  2. DO NOT STEP OUT OF VEHICLE you may receive a shock
  3. instead jump free of the vehicle with both feet together so that your body clears the vehicle before touching the ground. and your feet hit the ground at the same time
  4. once you clear the vehicle shuffle with both feet on the ground at least 50 feet away. If you fall when you land roll.
  5. Call KEM or 911 immediately so we can fix the situation promptly.
  6. Do not try to help someone in the vehicle while you are standing on the ground. Shout commands from a distance.

Your safety in these situations is important to us!