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Electric/Power Bill Policy

On the 1st day of each month, the member's meter is read automatically by the Cooperative office.  The member will receive their electric bill thereafter.  Payment is due when the bill is received. 

If payment is not received 15 days after the bill is sent to the member, a past due notice or disconnect notice will be mailed to the member.

If payment is not received prior to printing the next month's electric bill, a late penalty fee will be applied.   Should an adverse event prevent the member from keeping the bill current, arrangements can be made by calling the Cooperative office.   

To submit payment, mail the bottom portion of the bill to the Cooperative office along with the appropriate payment shown on the bill in the envelope provided.  If there is a "CR" after the amount due shown it means the account has a credit balance and no payment is necessary for that month.  If the account is signed up for the automatic payment plan, no payment is necessary.