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Pad-Mounted Transformers

KEM Electric Cooperative would like you to know some very important details about the electric transformers located in your neighborhood. Some areas, such as a subdivisions with underground utilities, require pad-mounted transformers as a means to access the electric distribution system. These transformers need to be accessed by cooperative linemen during power restoration or for routine maintenance on the equipment inside the transformer.

A transformer may serve up to eight households and often appears as a "big metal box." Many times, they are located within utility easements that cross the lot owner's property.

KEM Electric requests that line crews have safe and unobstructed access to its electrical equipment at all times.  Such access requires a minimum of ten feet of unrestricted space in front of the transformer and three feet on the other three sides of a pad-mounted transformer.  The front of the transformer opens to access the equipment inside and usually has a padlock installed.

Obstructions (such as fences, shrubs, tress, storage sheds and wood piles) that impair entry into the transformer cause service restoration delays during power outages and may present additional safety hazards to cooperative personnel trying to restore power. One obstructed transformer can delay power restoration to many more members than those served by that individual transformer. If there is a pad-mounted transformer in a utility easement across your property, please maintain a clear, ten-foot area in front of the unit.

For your protection, avoid making contact with a pad-mounted transformer and please, never allow children to play on or near this equipment. Immediately report an unlocked or damaged (leaking oil, struck by vehicle or pushed off its pad) pad-mounted transformer to KEM Electric Cooperative by calling (800) 472-2673.